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University of Kansas Journalism students report on Quarked!

Quarked! videos receive awards
The Quarked! Trailer and the Quarked! Theme song won awards in the motion graphics category in the A3 competition of the Kansas City chapter of AIGA (the professional association for design).


Quantum Mechanics for Qids.
Dr Alice Bean and a crack team of KU personnel introduce the Subatomic Universe to a whole new generation of thinkers. by R.H. Bleier. KU Collegian, the University of Kansas Arts & Sciences Magazine for Alumni, Spring 2006. Page 2.
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Quarked™: An Interactive Multimedia Education Project is seeking to create an entertaining multimedia experience about quarks aimed at children ages 7–12. … Education and Human Resources. Recent Research Highlights. Page 10.
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KU team receives $200K NSF grant to teach children about quarks
University of Kansas physicists, designers, educators and writers have received nearly $200,000 in National Science Foundation funding to introduce schoolchildren to nature's tiniest building blocks, called quarks.

KU hopes to inspire children with the realm of the atom
Oxford University professor Richard Dawkins told an international conference that human beings are having to "come to terms with the increasing queerness of the universe."

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