About the Quarked Project
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The Quarked team includes a consortium of scientists, researchers, educators, media specialists, composers, writers and designers centered at the University of Kansas but living and working throughout the United States. The Quarked team seeks to better understand how to teach abstract concepts and to engage kids of all ages in exploration of the world around them.

Professor Alice Bean: Project Director/ Lead Content Advisor
Dr. Bean will oversee the project and help create scientifically based material for presentations. Dr. Bean is an experimental particle physicist with over 300 refereed publications and has served as Principle Investigator on many federal grants including educational grants. | website |

Teresa MacDonald: Director of Education at the KU Natural History Museum and Museum Studies instructor for Public Education and Science Communication. Her experience spans five countries and includes museums, science centers, schools and universities. She developed the Quarked! hands-on workshops and works with the game development team for the project.

Professor Richard Varney: Animation and Production Leader. Dr. Varney has 25 years of free-lance illustration and design experience and has won numerous awards, and his work has been presented in The New York Art Directors Annuals, Communication Arts Design Annual, Print Regional Design Annuals, Dallas Society of Visual Communication Shows, and University and College Designers Association Shows.

Professor Philip Baringer: Educational Outreach Director Dr. Baringer will outline project content and spearhead the educational outreach effort to teachers. Dr. Baringer is an experimental particle physicist with over 300 refereed publications and serves as director of KU's Quarknet project with high school teachers, principle investigator on federal grants, and designed and produced programs for KU's Dark at the Top of the Hill children's educational programs. | website |

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