About the Quarked Project
About the Quarked! Project | Quarked Funding

The Quarked team includes a consortium of scientists, researchers, educators, media specialists, composers, writers and designers centered at the University of Kansas but living and working throughout the United States. The Quarked team seeks to better understand how to teach abstract concepts and to engage kids of all ages in exploration of the world around them.

Professor Alice Bean: Project Director/ Lead Content Advisor | website |

Teresa MacDonald: Director of Education at the KU Natural History Museum

Professor Richard Varney: Animation and Production Leader.

Professor Philip Baringer: Educational Outreach Director | website |

Deb Haller: Executive Producer/Director of Creative Development.

Professor Andrea Herstowski: Web Design Leader.

Other early team members included: David Ohle, Dr. Carolyn Roy, Linda Segebrecht, Mike Greene, Bazillion Pictures, Dr. Constance Hallberg, Bekkah Lampe, Dawn Kirchner, Deborah Francisco, Oather Strawderman, Dr. John Olson

Student Programmers and Illustrators: Kyle Batson, Dawson Conway, Himal Sherchan, Patrick Shields, D'Arcy Stone, Jared Straub, Lee Wu, Ryan Sowers, Hannah Gibson, Andrei Elliot, Ashley Hutton, Kaustubh Nimkar, Austin Irvine, Zach Harris, Robert Nickel, Giovanni Artavia, Brandom Lammey, Kyaw Zaw Aung, Caleb Lim