The University of Kansas and the producers of Quarked: Adventures in the Subatomic Universe intend to provide quality content that family members of all ages can enjoy. In the open space of the online universe, this trust is even more important. To ensure that this site stays safe and fun, we make the following promises:

  • Some of our activities may ask users to send in ideas or information, requiring them to identify themselves. The information we collect is non-personal (such as first name, age, city and state). If you enter a contest or send us an idea or a question, we will also ask for an e-mail address. We only collect enough information from our visitors to make activities on the Quarked site fun and interesting.

  • If you submit ideas, artwork, comments or questions (or anything else) to us which is posted on our site, you will be identified on our site only by first name, age, city and state.

  • If you send us an e-mail with a question or comment, or enter one of our contests, we will write back using your e-mail address, but we will not keep the address or use it again.

  • No one will be excluded from our site for not giving us personal information. When we do ask for personal information (like an e-mail address), we will only keep it until that particular activity is complete. We will not share this information with a third party.

The Quarked team and the University of Kansas would like to make this site a place where families can learn about science together, and where parents and caregivers feel safe allowing children to play and explore on their own. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, send us an e-mail.

Last modified: August 2019