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THE QUARKED! PROJECT has a wide range of engaging multimedia and hands-on materials to introduce the exciting world of particle physics to kids ages 7 and up, and their families. We feel that kids of all ages, even adults, can learn about the subatomic world where the rules of quantum physics apply if they are presented in a fun and engaging way.

We've created many resources on this site to help you, your kids, and/or your students learn about quarks – the smallest things that scientists know the universe is made of - as well as other science topics. Use the buttons on the left to investigate online games and activities. For more information on the Quarked! project, background material and contact details, see the buttons along the bottom of the page.

Answers to questions on basic physics concepts can be found in the Ask Mr. Marks area as well as in the online glossary.


The educational resources including lesson plans and interactive activities on the Quarked! website are organized into two broad interrelated learning themes. Click on the links below to explore this site using these themes.

Theme 1: How small is small?
1. How small is small (and how do we know)?
Theme 2: Quarks: Ups, Downs, and the Universe
2. Matter and Energy.
Theme3: How do you find out about something you can't see?
3. How do you find out about something you can't see?


Lesson plans are organized by learning theme and are stand-alone – they can be done in any order.


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The first two learning themes are featured in Quarked! hands-on workshops at the University of Kansas Natural History Museum ( To find out more about these programs, visit the Quarked! Outreach page.