• Favorite foods: fried chicken, okra and sweet iced tea.
  • Favorite chill out: long walks with her dogs, reading with her cats on her lap, and writing short stories.
  • Big dream: becoming a writer and living on a big southern farm with lots of animals.

Deena is a Southern girl who knows how to make friends and charm just about anyone. She's new at the school and just getting to know everyone. Deena is good at her schoolwork but has to work hard to get A's and B's. Fortunately she doesn't mind asking for help, which makes the other kids and Mr. Marks happy to help her. Deena loves to read, especially stories about the South or books by southern authors. She likes Quantum High but misses her old home, her cousins and her grandparents. More than anything, Deena loves animals. She has two dogs, two cats and a tank full of tropical fish.

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Deena coloring pageDeena coloring page