0;136;0c Quarked! . Derek
  • Favorite food: chocolate and donuts.
  • Favorite chill out: video games and action movies with lots of bad guys.
  • Big dream: making Harold cry.

Derek is the school bully and Ushi, Danny, Harold, Matt and Patti all try to avoid him … if they can. He is not very smart, doesn't study, and always wants to sit next to Ushi during tests so he can copy off her paper. He plays on all the sports teams and considers himself popular with the girls (If you ask the girls, this is entirely untrue!). He's an endless stream of menacing energy and seems to be happiest when he's tormenting other kids, especially Harold. In the quark world, Derek is totally ill at ease since the rules he's used to playing by don't apply. The other quarks are just irritated by his lack of intelligence as he fumbles his way through the subatomic universe.

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Derek coloring pageDerek coloring page