• Favorite foods: wintergreen Lifesavers because they make little sparks in your mouth when you bite them (Try it in the dark - you'll see the sparks!).
  • Favorite chill out: hanging out with friends.
  • Big dream: writing a gossip column for the Subatomic News called, "Ask Elly."

As sweet as she is most of the time, and as much as our gang of Quarks likes her, Elly has some rather shocking aspects to her personality - she can be a bit of a gossip and she can't keep a secret. Because of this the Quarks sometimes try to keep their plans from Elly so she doesn't tell someone she shouldn't. But Elly is also quite daring and, if she can keep quiet when she needs to, is a great help on the Quark missions through the subatomic world.

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Elly coloring pageElly coloring page