• Favorite Food: He doesn't like to take the time to eat, but his favorite food is cereal.
  • Favorite chill out: Building gadgets in his basement.
  • Big dream: Inventing a machine that will allow people to travel through time and space.

Matt is quiet, low key and knows he's a little bit nerdy, but he's OK with that. He hangs around a lot with his extremely energetic twin sister, Patti (even though they sometimes drive each other crazy) and loves to putter around on projects, inventing odd gadgets and surfing the Internet. He is friendly but somewhat of a pessimist and doesn't make much time for hanging out with friends. He's not into sports and hates speaking in front of groups but is the reluctant president of the science club (much to Ushi's dismay). In the subatomic world Matt has an amazing knack for creating crazy gadgets the gang needs to get themselves out of microscopic jams.

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Matt coloring pageMatt coloring page