• Favorite food: granola bars and lemonade.
  • Favorite chill out: volunteering at the community theater.
  • Big dream: singing the lead in a touring production of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - The Musical" from which all proceeds will be given to charity.

Patti is upbeat, outgoing and sees the world as a glass half full. She's an optimist and is close to her quiet, nerdy, somewhat pessimistic twin brother, Matt. While not as book-smart as Ushi, Patti makes up for that with her sunny outlook and willingness to do what it takes to ace the test, make the team, clean the house or raise money at the bake sale. She loves musical theater and often plays the lead in Quantum High's productions. Patti is upbeat and outgoing, has lots of friends and is always ready to help out or offer encouragement. Never daunted, Patti can be counted on as a charming and steadying influence in the subatomic world. When the other quarks are starting to worry that all might be lost, Patti is always ready to convince them that things will turn out fine!

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Patti coloring pagePatti coloring page