• Favorite foods: black beans & rice and sopapillas.
  • Favorite chill out: dancing and cooking.
  • Big dream: becoming a mathematician or a dancer.

Rosa's family is from Guadalajara, Mexico and she speaks Spanish plus English with a Spanish accent. She is smart, funny, a terrific dancer, likes to speak Spanish with Ujana and tries to get Danny to join in. Science is Rosa's 2nd favorite subject, after math, at which she is a total wizard! The other kids are amazed at how quickly she solves math problems and how often she tackles every day issues with geometry, algebra and basic math. Rosa feels a special connection to her Mexican heritage and loves to cook and spend time with her family. For the past 2 years she has helped organize Quantum High School's annual Cultural Festival and takes classes in folk dances from around the world. In the subatomic world Rosa can be counted on to tackle anything the Quark kids encounter by applying mathematical principles with grace and charm.

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Rosa coloring page