• Favorite foods: arroz con pollo (chicken and rice).
  • Favorite chill out: yoga, hiking, looking at maps, and traveling.
  • Big dream: following in her Mom's footsteps and being a United States ambassador or starting her own adventure travel company.

Ujana is energetic, kind, smart, and has traveled to many parts of the world. Her mother was a diplomat so Ujana spent her early childhood living in Botswana and Peru. Her mother has retired from the State Department but the family still travels frequently, much to Ujana's delight. She speaks Spanish and a bit of Twsana, and likes to encourage the other kids at Quantum High to learn new languages. Ujana gets along well with most everyone, but does have a little rivalry with Ushi since they're both intelligent, confident girls who aren't afraid to take the lead and make decisions. But, if asked to pick a best friend, she'd probably say Ushi since they have a great time when they hang out together. One person Ujana can't stand is Derek - he just makes her mad! After meeting lots of kids around the world, Ujana knows that Derek is just a spoiled bully and has nothing to complain about. Cultured and worldly, Ujana is an old soul with a soft heart and big dreams for seeing the world - all of it!

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Ujana coloring page