• Favorite food: sushi and free range chicken.
  • Favorite chill out: organic gardening and working on her computer.
  • Big dream: becoming a scientist and solving the world's biggest mysteries.

Ushi is smart and inquisitive in a cool kind of way. She's a techno-wizard, is confident when it comes to school and usually has the right answers. She doesn't like to be wrong and can get a little too stressed out when she makes a mistake (but she's working on that!). Ushi has lots of friends, but is a little shy when it comes to the subject of dating. She is a leader but probably wouldn't run for class president (though she might run for Science Club president). Her best friends are Harold and Danny, who trust her, but sometimes get a little annoyed by how competent she seems to be ALL the time. Ushi is our guide in the subatomic world where she enjoys being an up-quark and taking command of the proton SUV.

Ushi's Ruler Game

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Ushi coloring pageUshi coloring page