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How do find out about something you can't see? The world of particle physics has been uncovered by scientific discoveries over the past century. These particles are too small to be seen by the naked eye. Scientists over many centuries have been creating devices to see things far away such as telescopes as well as ever more powerful microscopes. Today, large particle accelerators can create very energetic particles and scientists can watch these particles decay using complicated detectors. People throughout the millenia have always used the methods available to them to observe the universe.

Games and Activities

Ask Mr. Marks Height

Shape Sleuth quark tracker

Shape Sleuth                   Quarked Tracker

meson mania
Meson Mania

Where will it go?

HTML | Printable PDF | Grades 1-4
Make a prediction of where a ball will go after it bounces off an object.

What shape is it?

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Can you guess what shape an unseen object is? By bouncing a ball off the object, can you guess something about it?

Invisible Investigations

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Using indirect observational methods, you can distinguish between charged and uncharged objects.
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